Roulette Strategy

Strategies for playing Roulette

More systems are developed to beat the roulette game. You may get an edge from a system but never expect any systematic play to obtain money from the casinos. To beat the casino using a system is a difficult job as casinos will not relax and watch the money flowing out. You don't have to win every time you login to the casino but even small money is a great achievement.

Roulette is a game of luck and you cannot guarantee the winning through a system. But a well developed system for the roulette game can help you to streamline losses and increase your winning. Using a system you will have the opportunity to become a winner of the roulette. The systems with a winning strategy should not make overall lose but it should be one that provides overall winning to the player and the player should be ahead always using the system. The system that depends on the probability did not produce success continuously as winning roulette does not depend on probability.

Every spin of the roulette wheel is new and because of this the results do not depend up on the previous spins. So you cannot take the advantage of probability as the chance of getting a positive result is always the same for each spin. For instance: What will be the result after having eight consecutive Blacks? Is it black or red?

Probably it will be Red. No! Black has also a chance to appear after appearing continuously for eight times. Roulette wheel do not have any memory of its own and it is not memorizing the results prior to the new spin.

Most of the gamblers do not believe that it is a game of chance which is known as the fantasy of the gambler. Theoretically, roulette is a game of chance and by spinning a double zero wheel, the casino will get the advantage of 5.26% which makes the player to lose money. Practically, roulette game completely depends on the luck of the person and the gambler has only a chance for winning the game.

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