Roulette Rules

Learning the rules of Roulette

Roulette is the game of gambling in which you have to guess the landing of the ball after spinning it. You have to place the bets on correct square to win the game. You can find 37 numbers in the European game of Roulette in which 18 squares each for Red and Black and 0 is represented by green color. The house edge will be zero i.e. you have a chance of 1/37 to win the game when the ball lands on the square where you place the bet. If you win the game, then the payout will be 35-1 with the original stake.

Inside and Outside bets

Inside bets is carrying a greater risk but with great returns. If you have several inside bets, then the risk will be lower.

Outside bets are with lower returns but with better odds. In outside bets, zero is not included and the bets and payouts will be as it is in the table:

Majority of bets in Roulette games are covered by both outside and inside bets. But there are some other types of bets that can be placed in the game of Roulette. You have to learn the rules of Roulette to know more about the additional bets provided by the casinos

French Roulette

French Roulette is the best among the roulette game with 'En Prison' rule in which you have to give back half of the even money bets when you get a zero after spinning the wheel. House edge will be half to 1.35%. In 'la partage' rule, the gambler will lose half of the bet and he cannot leave the bet in the middle of the game.

American Roulette

Two zeros are present in American Roulette that increases the house edge in to 5.4%. Plenty of casinos are providing European roulette and because of this, you don't have to play this version.

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