The emerging of craps game dates back to the times of Crusades. Later the game was modified by French gamblers. The craps game was brought to America (New Orleans) by Bernard Xavier Philippe. In that version of the game there were some limitations.

Later John H. Winn played a significant role in the game's future: he introduced the betting option called "don't pass". This innovation formed the modern version of the craps. Soon after that the game gained its popularity. Craps became widely spread due to African-American community.

Rules of the craps game

The main rules and casino tips for the craps game are the following: the game begins when the player chooses a pair of dice and polls them across the table. If after the first roll the player makes 7 or 11 (this combination is called "natural"), the player wins.

In case the player rolls 2, 3 or 12 after the first throw, the player loses (this combination is called "craps"). After that the player continues to throw until the player rolls 7 (this is called "to seven out").

In case the player shoots 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 after the first throw, that is considered to be the player's "box point". After that the player continues to roll. The objective is to shoot that number again. If the player shoots seven before s/he makes his (her) box point, s/he loses the game.

Craps Odds

The chances to win in craps game are predictable, because the craps odds can be easily calculated. The craps odds of throwing the concrete quantity of points while playing with one dice equal one to six. While raising the quantity of dices the craps odds decrease. For example, while playing with 2 dices the lowest craps odds will be the throwing of "2" and "12" points, and the craps odds of shooting average value increase.

Craps odds of shooting "7" are rather high. While increasing the number of dices in the game the highest probability also tends to the average value. The calculation of the winning craps odds should be started from the calculation of the probable quantity of throws in the craps game.

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